Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Experts

During our research for our project we spoke to some experts to help with our project. Some including, Dr. Noel, from South Arbor Animal Hospital in Pittsfield, Michigan. She helped us better understand trap and neuter release program. She also told us about Imperial Brewery in Chicago, Illinois. This brewery takes in stray and feral cats and gives them jobs. The brewery takes in the cats, and allows them to run around catching mice and other rodents. During our research, some of our team members went to Tiny Lions Cat Cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This cafe is part of the local humane society. It takes in stray cats and finds them owners. They allow the customers to play with the cats and adopt them. We tried to contact as many experts to make our research as interesting as possible.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Animals for Hire

This site was developed by the First Lego League team at South Arbor Charter Academy. Our hope is to connect animals looking for homes and jobs with businesses and establishments needing "employees".

After much research, our project focused on feral cats, however when our train moved on to the state finals, we decided to expand the project to include a "job board" for Michigan animals needing homes and work!

About the project:
 For our First Lego League team, our team had to do a project- to help feral cats. We  came up with this idea when some of the people on the team went to a presentation at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant. One of the activities there involved learning about birds and other animals. It was put on by the Black Swamp Bird observatory. They said that  feral cats caused a significant number of bird deaths in Michigan. Later that day, we needed ideas for our project for the theme of First Lego League (FLL) this year, which was Animal Allies. Then, one of the people who went to the presentation, suggested the idea. That is how we can up with the idea.

About feral cats:
What are feral cats, you may ask? Feral cats are cats that are born in the wild and usually are very aggressive. They are in fact different than stray cats, though at first they seem similar. A stray cat was once a domesticated cat, but escaped or was abandoned by his/her owner. A feral cat is most likely to attack you out of fear, which is why young, rowdy, children are at risk of an attack.

Ideas for the job board: